The Haunted House industry is quite a new market for us. To be quite honest - it’s been an amazing surprise!

We are having such a great time working with actors, costume designers, makeup artists and craftsmen - so we decided to create a unique sponsorship program to increase free online visibility and to offer a great discount on our Special FX lenses!

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"A complete and dynamic team, Malefycia is born from the union of a passion for horror and theater." (...)


"The dark carnival has come to Mount Mayhem bringing with it an array of malevolent clowns, foreboding fortune tellers, wicked games, torturous mazes and freak show gore. The remnants of the Darklings, Glomung, Hades and Lamia haunt the rotting abandoned residence of previous Mount Mayhem disturbances. Join our band of misplaced misfits whistling a creepy tune or two as you enter the void of the Zirkus." (...)


"More than 130 actors make you experience your worst nightmares through nearly 30 horror concepts spread throughout the village houses and over 3 kilometers of streets and trails. Activities for family customers are available from 6 pm to entertain the youngest. The Knowledgeable Customer Zone freezes your blood and the three new zones and over are only for the bravest of all." (...)


"The Montreal Zombie Walk is a great gathering of good undead people who amaze us with their creativity every year! Whether alone or in groups, the Zombie Walk is the show of thousands of participants who parade for free in the downtown in a horrible and fun atmosphere!"(...)