Lorie Hamel



With a bachelor's degree in Art from UQTR, I developed a passion for make-up and bodypainting. In order to become an accomplished artist, I am not limited to a single medium of expression. My curiosity prompted me to work in the field of body art which is a real passion for me. The skin is my support, fragile and almost magical. Given to see, delivered and stolen at the same time under the layer of colors, which exalts the surface of these ephemeral works. I have the will to develop this art and to this end I constantly search for new techniques of makeup, textures, finishes and effects that transform the body. I innovate with different materials compatible with use on the skin. In this way, latex, gold leaf, gelatin, photo transfer and make-up, characterize my work and allow me to transmit my creativity on the epidermis, which is for me the most beautiful canvas. It is also what differentiates my work, I pay as much attention to the composition as to the finality and the details. I seek by all these characteristics to achieve a true transmutation of the body, which then breathe life into my painting and transform my art into real living pictures. These paintings stand out then others, ephemeral, ostensible, exhibited, painted this time ... this time only