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"Jinny is a renowned face and body painting artist who has captured the hearts of fellow artists and fans around the globe. She continues to travel the world sharing her passion with them. Her vibrant abstract designs and clever use of color, combined with her amazing brush control make Jinny one of the most sought after artists in her field." (...)


"With a bachelor's degree in Art from UQTR, I developed a passion for make-up and bodypainting. In order to become an accomplished artist, I am not limited to a single medium of expression. My curiosity prompted me to work in the field of body art which is a real passion for me." (...)


"Finding beauty in chaos or the macabre is where I draw a lot of my inspiration. Adding elements from sometimes unlikely sources to help make a beautiful image is what I thrive on. Music, art and movies and how they make me feel can be huge source of inspiration. Turning those ideas around and creating the images can be a huge release." (...)


"My favorite part of the makeup process is the reaction you achieve from a model or a crowd when they see your art; whether you want to shock, inspire, or scare, all of that can be achieved through a completed character."(...)


"I’m self-taught makeup artist, mainly I’m trying to recreate appearances of chosen characters from games, movies and cartoons. I’m so inspired by the fantasy world, it gives me a lot of ideas, develops my imagination. I’ve started in 2014 and I hope it will never end! " (...)


"In my view, makeup is an instrument. A way to express feelings and thoughts. To bring forth what’s hidden within ourselves, and expose it to the world" (...)