Precisely manufactured

1. Contact Lens Parameters

BC : The base curvature of the contact lens is measured in millimeters. In order to maintain healthy eyes and to ensure your maximum comfort, it is recommended to wear a lens that matches the curvature of your cornea.

DIA : The diameter is the distance measured in millimeters, from one edge of your contact lens to the other. It determines the position of the lens on your cornea. 


2. Material Properties

​Primal contacts are a hydrogel soft contact lens that are made of 62% polymacon, a hydrophilic polymer, and 38% water. Polymacon provdes ample oxygen flow to the cornea providing better comfort and a longer life span.


3. Colour Encapsulation

​Primal contact lenses are made by applying different layers of colours between two layers of polymacon. This process creates naturally coloured lenses and prevents discoloration over time. 


4. Non-ionic Contact Lenses

Primal contacts are non-ionic and are treated to reduce the negative surface charge of the lens. This makes them less prone to protein build-up providing clearer vision and better comfort. 


ISO 13485 CE 1293 US FDA  Santé Canada